About Jnr St

Hey I’m Jess!

So I hear you want to know a little bit more about Jnr St?


Jnr St came about when this mama, sucker of all things street style and sucker of all things for little people decided to enter a new hood in her life! So in 2018 I finally kicked off, designing street gear for little peeps that I’d love to wear myself. So much so that I also made some unisex adult t-shirts, just because I wanted some for myself!

Jnr St is inspired by street styles globally, embracing diversity, culture, art, individuality and edge.

Give me kicks over heels, denim over chiffon and caps over tiaras any day… but all with a bit of edge, class, quality and beauty.

Jnr St is deigned in Sydney, Australia with a whole lot of love.

We can’t wait to see you rockin’ Jnr St threads, thank you for checking us out.


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